With Canvas 1839 CBD love a style of wellness.

The CBD products are must needed thing for your body and mind. It is thoughtfully formulated product. In today’s world which makes people tired and lazy not physically but mentally also. Their product use no synthetic material that’s why their product keep the wellness of your body and mind. When you will have control over your body and your health will be better than you can live a happy and long life. This will make your day easy and tension free. It is much better as compared to other synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Laura Komkov is one of the founders of Canvas 1839. She was also an allergic person and she was suffering from autoimmunity disease. She had spent lots of year battling with her disease but never succeeded. She used many pharmaceutical medicines, many other things but still unhappy.

“After a while, what appeared unrelated all started to seem connected. It’s all one body, one system,” she says. “I spent years recovering from allergic reactions to drugs and finally, I started resisting pharmaceuticals because I was tired of all the allergies. It was time to feel better each day, not worse.”

A CBD cream

After formulating their product they knew that they should let their formulation process done by a professional. Then they give their work of formulation to Dr. Kyle Hammerick. He was working in drug delivery technologies from many years which is good background for them. He have to formulate CBD cream and other CBD products.

A lot of creams are an emollient with CBD added, but we created something that works differently on a cellular level. We’re not just bringing CBD to the surface; we’re delivering it through the surface. We know we’re actually transporting CBD beneath the skin at an effective rate and that’s what sets our cream apart,” he says.

Their cream is the best natural cream one can have in their wellness products. They did not any artificial products rather they stick to their commitment of using only natural products. They use sunflower in their cream. Sunflower has its mighty power to get inside of your skin easily and without having any side effects. It is designed to be a hydrating lotion rather than a sticky gel. It will make you keep going throughout you day without worrying about the stickiness generally any lotion or cream does.

Making the delivery of CBD product perfect.

Canvas 1839 CBD relief cream was designed to give a quick solution to the stiffness in muscles. But, according to CBD team it will be better if you use it with Canvas 1839 Relief Oil. When you will use both the product you will be more preventative rather than reactive.

“Some people haven’t heard about the science behind CBD and we’re here to change that,” says Komkov. “We always want to spread the word about how it can help you feel like you are living as your best self.”
It encourages people to take their wellness only one time a day. It is about to listening your body and knowing what the real issues are.