In today’s world where Wellness is in its peak, most of it does not have any sense.

Who does not want Wellness in their life. Almost all the people of this world suffering from any kind of diseases. So, doing well in their life is a must thing but the main stoppage for them is wellness. If a person have everything he wanted in his life but he is ill or suffering from any disease then all the things he had will matter? What is the use of your success when you cannot even enjoy it.

Taking this as opportunity the marketing companies use wellness as bait for the people. People get attracted towards it very easily and get caught in the marketing’s net. Many companies claim that their product will give you a perfect wellness throughout your life but their is no evidence of that.

To be protected from this companies who fake their product just for the sake of profit, one should go for the product or anything which gives you evidence. Try to stick to a daily basis things rather than hacks, which seems easy but are not good for long time. Here is some tips so that you can rely on this evidence-based practices.

Physical exercise :-


Be find of exercise. Do it on daily basis for not more than 30 minutes a day. It had been shown by many research from decades long that 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise can lower the risk of many life taking diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, and many types of cancer.

Eating habits is a major key for this exercises. Try to eat fresh and healthy vegetables and try to strictly avoid the crap food. But, do not diet either. Have a healthy and wholesome breakfast, take a strong lunch and you can also take desserts in the evening if you wish and then take a light meal for the dinner.

You can also take suppliments but, only when your doctor recommends so. Do not take any kind of medicine by yourself consult a good doctor so that you can be safe from allergies.

Hiking, gardening, and even fast-paced walking can potentially provide all the same benefits. Basically, anything that makes your breathing labored for a sustained period does the trick. Another simple way to think about physical activity comes from physician and physiologist Michael Joyner. “Move your body every day,” he says. “Sometimes very hard.”

Other helpful activities to maintain your wellness

If you live in a city where there are lots of people around you, try to take out some time just for yourself and be alone for sometime and just admire your surroundings. If there is a garden or some grass field around you that it will be much better. If you follow any religion then do some prayers or try to read the holy books in spare time which will make you feel calm and relaxed.

You can also go for a picnic if you are a family man. If the environment of area where you live is not well or does not suits you than search for a good place to live as soon as possible.