Wellness Industry is growing day by day. But, what actually wellness is.

The Global Wellness Institute is a non-profit organization which keep their eye on global Wellness market, how to reduce stress, how to prevent from disease and how to improve overall quality of life. It was founded in 2014. Nowadays, this institute is publishing several papers just to shed some light on what Wellness actually is, what is its history, what are the mega trends in this industry, what is its terminology and many more interesting materials to read.

The Global Wellness Institute gathers data from the main 5 sectors of wellness Industry, these are as follows : wellness tourism, wellness lifestyle real estate, the spa business, thermal / mineral springs, and workplace wellness.
“Wellness is a concept that is both ancient and contemporary,” observes GWI senior researcher Ophelia Yeung.

(Yeung coauthored the Understanding Wellness series along with GWI senior researcher Katherine Johnston.)
“Because of that,” she says, “most people have an intuitive understanding of what it means, how to apply it to daily life, or how to create business opportunities out of it.”

Infact, many people know what is the meaning of wellness but, when it comes to Industry it is not always easy. The wellness economy has now become a 4.6 trillion dollars Industry nowadays and the value is increasing very rapidly and broadly.

Is Beauty Wellness.

In the wellness Industry the major contributor is personal care, beauty and anti-aging. They contribute very significantly in the wellness market. This is not it as it also include fitness, nutrition, preventative medicine, wellness tourism, and the spa industry.

Why is this growing

To understand the Wellness series, the first and the most obvious question is this. On their first series of paper the Global Wellness Institute published this question.It is growing because of many reasons but the core reasons are only 4. These are aging global population, environmental crisis, untenable healthcare systems, and changing consumer values. Due to the busy lifestyle of people and having less time to focus on their health people is suffering from many lifestyle diseases.

In this world where our environment is degrading day by day the freshness is lost and the purity has become an old time thing.

People are now want to get well in very short period of time this has lead healthcare system to think about new systems. Sometimes the healthcare system make a bad decision just to attract more and more people. Consumers also looking for more and they want to ease up their life and experimenting with their health, lifestyle. This not only have bad impact on their physical health but also affects their mental state and mental health.

The Global Wellness institute’s one of the senior researcher Johnston describes the series’ background saying, “Over the last 11 years, our work has focused on defining and measuring the industries that comprise the wellness economy—and GWI has become the leading resource for wellness industry data. Through that work, we have built up a vast conceptual knowledge of wellness, its drivers, and its implications. We’re excited to present foundational information about wellness through this new white paper series.”…

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